Free to Choose

Here's a spiritual exercise for demonstrating freedom in anticipation of next week's Fourth of July observance - specifically, the freedom we have to make choices that are in harmony with our divinity. Think of it as a game to help focus your power to choose the thoughts and feelings you hold, and the resulting actions you undertake.
We're reminded it's an abundant universe and we are always free to choose: As you move through the week, note whether/how often anyone uses the phrase, "...have to..." as in, "I have to fix supper," or, "You have to do your chores," "I have to go to work." Reframe it to, "I choose to fix supper," "You choose to do your chores." "I get to go to work." Then take a moment to look for the blessing in the choice. The blessing that underlies cooking might be sharing a meal. Doing chores may be an opportunity to appreciate a comfortable home or beautiful yard. Work is the divine channel for income
It's an exercise that's surprisingly empowering. It reinforces our belief that we truly are architects of our own life experiences and that no matter what the issue, we have the freedom and the responsibility to choose our response. 
Rev. Kurt