Falling Leaves and Cosmic Perspectives

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Autumn is a great reminder that there is beauty to behold in every season of life. Sure, there are more clouds and darkness, but even those are necessary beats in the rhythm of life. If we take time to notice how the earth's cosmic wobble through the heavens shapes our days, we discover how intimately we are in it, and it in us.
Spiritually speaking, the changing season can remind us the traumas and crises of the day are not enduring. That's not to diminish the urgency of the challenges we face, but to remember that anything in this realm of form causing pain or stress shall one day pass. Fall can be a powerful reminder that the immense unfathomable power that guides planets and lights stars, also moves in our lives. In fact, we are, every one of us, expressions of it. 
Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore says when we really get this, "...the ambition of men will be to compete in bringing forth Truth, goodness, and righteousness; and evil and sin, with its sickness and poverty, will disappear from the earth."
May this season of turning mark a turning point in our collective getting it.