Expect Greatness

Charles Holt tours the world and lives in a frequency of abundance. Wherever he travels, whatever he desires appears. The last time I saw him we attended the grand opening of Dallas' new Performing Arts Complex. Waiting to cross at a crowded intersection, Charles struck up a conversation with a total stranger who turned out to be a faculty member at Southern Methodist University. By the time we crossed the street, she had booked him to teach one of her performing arts classes before returning to L.A. I was blown away by this impressive demonstration of spiritual principle. Charles was pleased and grateful but rather than being impressed, he's come to expect such miracles.

He's right! Every choice we make is like standing at a crowded intersection. Somewhere in the crowd, Spirit has provided a blessing. As we open ourselves to new connections with the expectation of giving and receiving greater good, it will appear. The same power and presence that fuels Charles' success is always available to each of us.  We, too, can live in the realm of trusting in the abundance of the universe to bring forth what's necessary for the fulfillment of our life purpose. We, too, can be receptive to the blessings that arise out of "random" connections. We, too, can expect "miraculous" coincidences and live in a frequency resonant with abundance.

So at your next crossroads, look carefully and expect greatness. 
Rev. Kurt