Equation for Love

I once asked adults working with Sunday School students to identify the moment in life when they absolutely knew what it meant to love unconditionally. Some said they've always known. A few said it was when they were loved by a cherished pet. Others said they learned to love without strings when they had their own children. All agreed it was a continuing journey in which we give and receive love at deeper and deeper levels of our being - and that children have a better handle on unconditional love than most of us.
There is an incredible sense of power and freedom in both giving and receiving love without condition or expectation. The experience can be so profound we lose track of whether we're the giver or receiver. That's the beauty of it. We have the ability to plug into the equation on either side. The instant we give love selflessly, we receive a sense of peace, harmony and fullness. On the flip side, the instant we become willing to receive the infinite love of God always pouring out upon us, we're compelled to give it back. It's our nature. The love we receive gets reflected back and is given to the whole world.
Need proof? Just ask Kate Jordan, our newly hired Director of Youth and Family Ministry. She'll tell you that when working with youth, you  receive much more than you give. So at your next opportunity to see God's love expressing as a child, look with the eyes of your heart...and be prepared to get zapped by the love pouring out from theirs. Even better, talk with Kate about joining the team of adults who lead our Sunday Soul School experiences. Believe me, there's no more powerful way to see Spirit expressing than to open yourself to the wisdom expressing in our children and youth.
Rev. Kurt