Epiphanies and Increments

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
We often talk about living our dreams, creating a big vision for our lives. There are tons of books on the subject and nearly as many workshops to help define, refine and chart a course for fulfilling those dreams.
The implication is we’re supposed to hatch a magnificent life-changing blueprint that will transform us by the sheer magnitude of the vision it inspires.
Sure that’s possible and can be worthwhile work to undertake – especially if we’re at a spiritual flash point when we’re hungry for truth. But profound change can also unfold in small incremental steps. Dreams can be revealed in glimpses, which, once realized, inspire another. God works both ways. Guidance shows up as epiphanies and as subtle nudges. Our job is to embrace the big dreams with confidence, faith and trust, and to pursue the gentle nudges with zeal and enthusiasm.