Embrace the Evolution of Divine Ideas

By Rev. Kurt Condra 
Old-school photography, back in the days of light-sensitive film sent out for pricey processing, taught me powerful life lessons: to wait patiently with great expectancy; to appreciate the poignancy in the tiniest instants; to choose what I focus on with great care.
Of course, that's all still possible with a camera phone. But photo technology is evolving far beyond anything most of us imagined even a couple years ago. Today, we use it to deposit checks in our bank accounts and scan QR codes to order from digital menus. On a global scale, anyone with a smart phone can shoot, edit and combine pics in ways that change culture. Images can be posted to global audiences in seconds, and are literally changing the course of history.
To those of us who remember flash cubes and Fotomats it can be overwhelming. But spiritually speaking, the shift from film to data is just a glimpse of how divine ideas evolve as they come to fuller expression.
Feeling overwhelmed is a choice point. We can choose differently. First step: acknowledge the overwhelm and the fear of change it triggers. Then reach for a higher vibrational response. Choose awe, curiosity, engagement or gratitude and I promise the overwhelm will start to dissipate. 
In photography and in life, some of our most artful results are those we consciously co-create by choosing to embrace broader perspectives. As we seek new meaning in the familiar and open our hearts to the infinite potential of the unknown, the ever-present greatness of God is revealed.