Elevated Consciousness

Stuck on an elevator with a geeky stranger I tried striking up a conversation about the wild temperature fluctuations this month. "I don't even think in Fahrenheit," he said, thoughtfully. "Only Celsius." End of conversation.
Looking back, I see a geeky approach is well-suited to spiritual practice, too.
Unity teaches that thoughts held in mind produce after their kind. Think loving, peaceful,  prosperous thoughts and we create loving, peaceful, prosperous lives. Sounds simple, right? Here's the challenge: Much of our thinking is "Fahrenheit" thinking -- an antiquated feedback loop of the same-old, same-old thoughts we've held a ga-gillion times before. They arise out of a mind-set that vastly underestimates the power of God's activity in our lives. They are largely limited and negative. They tether our lives and spirits to struggle and strife.
Raising the vibrational level of our thought patterns requires a dramatic shift in perspective. It means adopting "Celsius" thinking -- an entirely new mindset that's calibrated at a higher vibration. And like my friend in the elevator, once we integrate this new consciousness into our being, it's important to stop using the old system. "Fahrenheit" thinking is obsolete. A "Celsius" mindset aligns us with the infinite power of the universe. Free from the life-zapping thought patterns of lack and limitation, we discover the power of the divine within to create a prosperous, fulfilling life ... and a world that works for all.
Going up!
Rev. Kurt