Elections: Divine Order Unfolding

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Election results are (mostly) in. As we yearn for clarity about what it means for our nation and citizenry, one truth remains: The leaders we've chosen are a perfect reflection of our collective consciousness.
You might not find that particularly comforting, but I promise once you accept it, your heart and mind become receptive to new depths of understanding, new insights into what's possible, and clear guidance as to how to proceed.
We tend to think we know how divine order should look. We lull ourselves into the notion that since God is love, order is only divine if it feels good, if it arises from the highest realms of consciousness, and is experienced as peace, clarity and harmony. Of course, transformation can work like that. And, we are so fully loved that if we’re drowning in the muck of our own limited thinking, Truth will be revealed through grosser channels.
Our work is to remember that Spirit’s transformational activity is always and everywhere expressing despite worldly conditions others deem dire. The first step is to cultivate a willingness to see through our own blind spots. Unity co-founder Myrtle Fillmore writes in How to Let God Help You, “Just as Jesus met the old race beliefs in sorrow and suffering and death, and rose triumphant out of them, so you have the light and power to meet the race beliefs in sorrow and lack and failure and death, and to rise out of them in the true Christ consciousness of life.”
Bless you as you commit to presencing the energies of Divine Order. Bless us all, in our collective voyage to greater good.