Dragons: Monsters or Messengers?

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Yesterday, a neighbor I've come to think of as Dragon Lady, confronted me for using the wrong elevator to move my bike. Feeling criticized, my first impulse was retaliation, so while I said,"Thank you for the clarification," the feeling fueling my delivery was resentment. I'm embarrassed to admit how much energy I've expended fantasizing about smart-alecky retorts for our next clash.
Ironic, because I recently finished leading a class on communicating in ways that create connection rather than escalating conflict, especially when we're triggered.
That's the thing about spiritual growth. Knowing Truth is a far cry from living it. The chasm between knowing and living is only bridged by practice. And our most potent opportunities for practicing spiritual principles are often those in which we're most triggered. The challenge: They're also the ones we're least inclined to tackle. 
So whatever beasts you may be facing, be fierce! Like a dragon protecting precious treasure, as we make our soul's evolution top priority, we summon the power to overcome ego's attachment to win-lose, good-bad and right-wrong. The monster which seems so menacing may well be your ally on the path to spiritual mastery.