Don't Shut Down. Reach Out!

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
From hurricanes and hearings to politics and prejudice, there's much in current conditions to trigger divisiveness and separation.
The story of Israel's King David reuniting the Northern and Southern Kingdoms and returning the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem outlines the spiritual steps for bridging any divide: We align our spiritual and human natures (north and south) by connecting with our divinity (the Ark) and becoming the center of peace (Jerusalem).
Think of yourself as a good-deed-doer bringing spiritual solutions to earthly problems (north). The south is whomever or whatever we perceive to be causing the problem. The Ark, or divine spark, lifts our consciousness, establishing peace in our hearts and minds (Jerusalem). And just like peace spread throughout David’s kingdom, the ripple effect of our good deeds establishes peace in our world.
An insurance ad depicts how easily we can apply these steps in everyday situations. It starts with a woman pulling a delivery guy clear of oncoming traffic. Then, a bystander lifts a baby stroller off a bus. The chain continues with each good deed sparking another, ultimately circling back to the woman in the first scene.
To the degree we're able to shift from fear and blame to present moment awareness, our energies are freed for greater purposes. It's a power greater than any divide. It's a power each of us wields. Thank you for wielding it well!