Do You See What They See?

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
With the exception of Mary, angels make more appearances in the stories of Jesus' birth than any other cast member. Granted, their appearances are cameos rather than starring roles, but with "glorious light" and "heavenly hosts," angelic scenes take the prize for special effects and most entrances.
Of course in Unity, we believe that all things biblical reflect some dimension of our own spiritual development, and that these angels are aspects of self. So I find it heartening that the angels of The Nativity appear so frequently (and dramatically)! It's a powerful reminder that the angels of our higher nature are readily available in times of darkness, hardship and doubt, if we but have eyes to see, ears to hear and faith to know.
So in this rushed week before Christmas, I invite you to see as angels see. See beyond any stress over giving or receiving the perfect gift; See past any disappointment over who's spending Christmas with whom and where; and look beyond any heartache over worldly rancor. For you have the faith to, "Fear not!" You have the power to proclaim tidings of great joy. You have the wisdom to know "nothing will be impossible with God." You're an angel.