Discover Love You've Overlooked

By Rev. Kurt Condra 
Grandpa Harold was a man of few words. His quiet, steadfast presence contrasted starkly with Grandma Eleen's vivacious, even bawdy energy. So my memories of grandparents are largely dominated by grandma's influence.
Even the ceramic Christmas trees made in their basement which now decorate my home, I have always regarded as gifts from grandma. But this year, I'm realizing that while grandma painted them, it's grandpa who mixed and poured the clay. He timed the drying forms, drilled tiny holes for bulbs, fired them before and after painting, and finally wired them for lighting.
I don't know if Grandpa Harold imagined that the dust and grit of his labors would be a blessing long after he'd left this life. I do know I want my presence to be a and long after I join him in the infinite realm.
It's got me thinking about the many other forms of unseen love supporting me, indeed supporting us all. So as we prepare to enter the third week of Advent, traditionally regarded as a time of recognizing Love as an energy necessary for birthing Christ consciousness, join me in appreciating all those whose love supports us. I also invite you to join me in a commitment to more loving actions, attitudes and words as Christmas nears.
May our collective intention be a light that blesses the world.