Deeper Realms of Knowing ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

In middle school I was fascinated by a model of the solar system that ratcheted around itself on our science teacher's desk. Today, cosmologists tells us that model was incredibly simplistic: The sun is not the center of the universe but is itself hurtling through space on an orbital trajectory of its own, dragging the earth and the rest of our solar system with it in an infinite spinning vortex. 
We now know those ideas are but a glimmer of greater knowing; that beyond our current view, there are dimensions of reality we will probably never know, at least not with human senses. That, I believe is the realm of God.
"It is indeed uplifting to know there is a divine power behind this universe," Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore writes," that there is a true God; that life has more meaning than the mere piling up of material things, and that all pure ideals can be fulfilled here and now."
Just as the gears on that simplistic planetary model turned under the gravitational forces of an unseen cosmic vortex, you and I live and move and have our being in the midst of an unseen power of good. It is expressing itself as you. And it's happening right now.