Dead Squirrels Tell No Lies

Resistance is a sneaky devil. He creeps into the most ordinary circumstances parading as procrastination, indecision and rationalization. He keeps us stuck in the mire of unhealthy patterns.
Think of a situation you don't want to deal with. That's resistance. It might be as innocuous as cleaning a closet or fixing a broken widget. It might be as important as working with a bill collector, confronting a coworker, forgiving a friend, or releasing a relationship. Now think about the energy you expend each time you resist dealing with that situation. Pass the closet door or hear the dripping faucet, and attention is drawn to what's undone. Every call screened sparks thoughts of lack, loss, or anger. Every memo or email from the coworker or friend ignites a flash of guilt or resentment. Every memory of the relationship spirals into a recapitulated story of victimization. They deplete our strength, faith and capacity to be love.

A couple years back while working to release a failed relationship, I found a dead squirrel on my doorstep. It was 105 degrees. I confess...I felt resistance to dealing with a rotting rodent. I can't convey how much mental, emotional and spiritual energy I directed to getting that stinky corpse removed. The management office was closed. The landscape crews had gone. My handyman was out of town. I even visualized my doorstep with no squirrel. Not surprisingly, the next morning it was still there but in meditation I realized my response to the squirrel was not unlike my response to the failed relationship: The time had come to release both and both tasks were mine to do.

"Just scoop the squirrel in a bag and bless it on the way the dumpster," Spirit within urged. "Use it as a ritual for releasing the relationship."

 "You can do it when you get home from church," resistance whispered in one last attempt to perpetuate the drama.

"Now!" Spirit said. So I did. And I was freed.

As we invite the activity of God to support us in moving through resistance, we activate our divinity so powerfully that even the most obstinate blocks are easily cleared from the doorsteps of our lives.

So what are you resisting? What task is undone? What situation requires your awareness and attention? Are there any smelly messes ripe for transformation? Check in with Spirit. Ask what's yours to do and heed the guidance received.

Get to it!
Rev. Kurt