Conscious Evolution

Education is a key part of Unity’s mission. Classes are offered throughout the year to help deepen your spiritual awareness and understanding of Unity teachings. Here are topics to look for:

Prosperity — Classes focused on the spiritual laws of giving and receiving provide an excellent foundation in a deepened understanding of Unity principles.
Prayer & Meditation — A variety of classes on prayer, meditation and relaxation are offered throughout the year. In addition, the center hosts meditations led by practitioners from a variety of disciplines.

Unity Basics — Most of these classes do not include the word “basics” in the title, so watch for classes offered for credit through the Spiritual Education & Enrichment program.

For Your Reading List:

Torch Bearer to Light the Way, Neale Valle
The Simple Truth, Richard and Mary Alice Jafolla
Unity: A Quest for Truth, Eric Butterworth
Discover the Power Within You, Eric Butterworth
Lessons in Truth, Emily Cady
Sermon on the Mount, Emmet Fox
How to Let God Help You, Myrtle Fillmore
Alternatives, William L. Fischer
The Essential Charles Fillmore, Jim Gaither
The Universe is Calling, Eric Butterworth
Spiritual Economics, Eric Butterworth
Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, Catherine Ponder
The Five Principles,  Ellen Debenport
Ask Yourself This, Wendy Craig Purcell