Change: Deal With It!

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Life is filled with transitions. Many are joyful; others are not. Either way, they involve endings, which are often bittersweet. We’re called to embrace whatever unknown lies ahead, and at the same time we must forego the comfort of what's familiar.  
I believe all our experiences, especially endings, hold within them the possibility for deepening our appreciation for life, and our commitment to living fearlessly. What's required is a willingness to strike a tricky balance between indulging difficult emotions and suppressing them. It's a dichotomy that's nicely expressed by Unitarian Universalist Minister Maureen Killoran in a reading titled "Our Lives Matter.” 
" times of sadness, there is room for laughter.
 In times of darkness, there always will be light."
So if ever you feel unsettled in the throes of change, try to identify the feelings evoked and just be with them. And by “identify,” I mean literally name them ... Say, “I’m feeling sad,” or “I feel angry," or “I’m feeling confused.” Remind yourself they’re only feelings. You don’t have to react to them. These, too, shall pass.
Trust that beyond the feelings there is a hidden truth waiting to be revealed, and this truth has the power to lead you home to your true self and a greater appreciation for the glorious gift of life.