Building Spiritual Muscle

By Rev. Kurt Condra 
One of the greatest obstacles to spiritual evolution is the false notion that we have to practice truth principles perfectly to have impact. Not true. Think bicep curls. To have impact, you start with a manageable weight, gradually increasing as you build strength. 
It's the same with spiritual muscle. Think unconditional love. It's unlikely we'll be able to genuinely extend love to one we hold loathsome feelings toward, or believe to be evil. So start where you are with a manageable weight. The baby step is do no harm: Don't bite. Achieve that, then step it up over time. A next step might be asking to see the person as God does; or being curious enough to stand in the other's shoes as you seek understanding. Another threshold may be a willingness to extend compassion, or the realization that they are doing their best, given their current level of consciousness.
It takes time, but every thought you shift has an impact on your ability to be the activity of God's love in expression. "Spasmodic efforts count for little, " Charles Fillmore writes, " patient, but be persistent."