Brave and Wonderful Foolishness  

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
For weeks, my condo has been a home/office, warehouse/construction zone. I'm so ready for remodeling to be over. You may not be renovating but I bet you can relate. We're so ready for so much of what's happening to be over: elections, wildfires, the year 2020, and certainly, the pandemic.
But it's not up to us. We don't get to decide when and how these crises get resolved. We do, however, choose how we're going to "be" in the midst of them. Sometimes we choose consciously, grounded in faith and guided by divine wisdom. Sometimes we get dragged down by the inertia of worldly burdens, squandering our power to choose. Sometimes, we Unity students try ignoring them, denying reality is what it is.
"We cannot get rid of facts by pretending that they are not there," James Dillet Freeman, Unity poet laureate wrote decades ago. "But we can face facts and still know that good is there, whether we can see it at first or not. It has to be there because God is there. And we can seek in every situation to find and bring forth God's good."
So in the chaos of remodeling, and even in the face national strife and global disaster, I recommend a practice of celebrating any sign of good emerging.
Celebrating in chaos? Singing under fire? Dancing through disaster?
Foolishness, some would say. Poet Freeman agrees in an essay titled, "The Pollyanna." Then he quickly adds, "but it is out of such brave and wonderful human foolishness that human progress and endurance have come."