Bound for Higher Consciousness

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Christmas movies are great for spiritual metaphors. Take Polar Express: Despite the promise of excitement and adventure, the young protagonist is reluctant to board the North Pole-bound train.
All of us from time-to-time find ourselves in that predicament: Eager for fulfillment, yet unable to embrace the unrevealed good. Our faith in God’s all-providing power wavers. Sure, God is always present but the bills are rolling in this month, so they get priority over giving. Or, sure I want my relationships to be holy, provided my kid/partner/lover/spouse/ friend/boss behaves in the ways I want.
Our journey to spiritual mastery begins when we can let go of doubt and fear and open to new possibilities. Faith is restored as we let go of rigid ideas about how life has to unfold in order for us to be happy. As we learn to embrace new opportunities and replace resistance with expectancy, we free Spirit to fulfill our heart’s deepest desires. 
So as Christmas approaches, consider what doubts you can release this week. What behaviors, patterns or attitudes need to be cleared in order for the Christ in you to be born anew? Imagine how life would look and feel, if your heart and mind were free of all sense of lack, fear or negativity. Then in prayer, ask Spirit to remove whatever might block the full expression of your Christ self.