Board of Trustees

June Lash ~ President

June Lash has devoted years of inspiring service to Unity in several locations: Unity in Chicago, Unity Northwest, and UNS, where she has been a member for several years.  "The positivity and generosity of Truth principles first attracted me over 30 years ago to being a part of Unity."  June has served as a Building and Grounds Liaison, Welcome Team Coordinator, Usher, Gala Committee, and in the Right and Perfect Home Team.  She is also a devoted Chaplain and is on the path to becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher.  June has loved learning about Affirmative Prayer and expanding her spiritual growth by practicing it with others.  "Affirmative Prayer guides my life, and it guides me in my contribution to the UNS Board.  She brings commitment, belief and responsibility to her many roles.


Jasmine Sassack ~ Vice President

Jasmine Sassack was previously employed as Director of Youth and Family Ministry, first at Unity Northwest in Des Plaines, and then at Unity on the North Shore.  She now owns a thriving holistic wellness practice with her husband, Michael, where she practices Reiki, teaches childbirth classes, and acts as a Doula.  Jasmine and Michael are also licensed foster parents who have welcomed over twenty children into their home.  They currently have six children, and Jasmine volunteers widely within the fostering community.  Jasmine currently teaches Unikids in UNS' Soul School.  She is passionate about serving others, building healing connections, and finding calm in the middle of chaos.    



John Lindner – Secretary

John has spent his career in human resources, organization development, talent acquisition, and leadership development.  John grew up with a heavy influence of New Thought from his grandparents.  He attended Unity Indianapolis as a young adult with his mother, and explored other non-denominational centers while working in New York.  After moving to Chicago in 1990, he eventually found a home at Unity Chicago, becoming a member in 1994.  As an Evanston resident, John and his two sons discovered that Unity on the North Shore felt like such a natural fit for the whole family.  His sons, Evan and Clay have been active and regular participants in Soul School since they were very young.  John has served as a member of the Right and Perfect Home Team, in addition to supporting various fundraisers for the teens.  John has enjoyed the deeper interpersonal connections made and personal growth experienced since becoming more active at UNS over the past few years.  

Priscilla Florence - Treasurer

Priscilla Florence has served the UNS community as a prayer chaplain, choir member, event coordinator and volunteer, member of the Finance Team, member of the Wednesday Book Group, and Board member. 




Denise Giambalvo - Board Member

Denise Giambalvo has been a very active member of our congregation since joining in 2018.  Denise participated in the UNS SpiritGroups pilot program, and is now a trained SpiritGroups facilitator.  She also serves as a member of the Right and Perfect Home Team and a Unitweens teacher in Soul School.  Professionally, she serves as Vice President of the Midwest Business Group on Health, a 501(c)(3) coalition of self-insured employers who provide healthcare benefits for over 4 million people, where the focus is on education and employer-directed research.  Denise lives in Evanston with her daughter, Dominique (who also teaches Unitweens in Soul School).     


Jan Beladi - Board Member

Unity on the North has been Jan Beladi's spiritual home for over 25 years.  She has raised her three sons in Unity.  UNS has been a place of community and spiritual rock for her.  Jan has volunteered in many areas, including food preparation and service during our Garden Chat fellowship.  Jan has also lent her skills as a professional photographer to capture our large fundraising events on camera.  Jan says, "By using Unity's spiritual tools, I am able to live a life with awareness of all I have to be grateful for and knowing how abundant I truly am."





Clay Lindner - Y.O.U. Representative

Clay Lindner is a Senior at Evanston Township High School.  He brings a deep background in technology applications and technical production of events to UNS.  He is a Varsity swimmer, active in community outreach projects, and runs his own production company.  Clay is passionate about bringing the Youth voice to the leadership, with the goal to make sure that all ages are well-represented in future decisions.  Clay has been raised in New Thought beginning as a toddler in the Unitots program at Unity in Chicago.  In 2015, he and his family switched to Unity on the North Shore, where he has found his spiritual home.  Recently, Clay has stepped up by being on the Right and Perfect Home Team, and attending regional Unity teen retreats.  He is currently serving as an Officer of Community Outreach for the Great Lakes Unity Region Y.O.U.  Since becoming the Y.O.U. Representative to the Board, Clay has held a vital role in the transition to a virtual service format and in designing the future of livestreaming services for Unity on the North Shore.