Blow Out the Doors

Blocks can sometimes become so entrenched in consciousness that we're completely unaware of how severely our good is limited. Transformation requires an entirely different perspective, often coupled with a complete excavation of old ways. The good news: Once a shift is made, Spirit rushes to support the new consciousness in ways previously unforeseen and unimagined.

As I write, the landscape crew is demo'ing the aged, cracked cement slab in preparation for a beautiful new entry and brick patio. It's a laudable demonstration of our community's power to manifest a vision. the process we realized that two of the three front doors were inoperable. (One was permanently bolted shut!) To do the job properly, meant installing two new doors before new concrete is poured. I'm thrilled to report that divine wisdom and order have conspired to make it all happen, and the Pave the Way patio project is on track for completion next week.

Think about the spiritual dynamic this suggests: For years, our coming and going had been physically limited to accommodate only a fraction of our capacity. In consciousness, then, our intention to grow and thrive, and to welcome newcomers in greater numbers was similarly stunted. I firmly believe Pave the Way is the demonstration of a new energy seeking to express. In its emergence, our doors have literally been thrown open to the world. Aligned with those energies, all things truly are possible.

So trust that any renovations or excavations you undertake are divinely guided and supported. In life and in consciousness, your next level of greatness is emerging.

Go ahead. Start planning the ribbon-cutting celebration!
Rev. Kurt