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When Turkeys Fly

One of my holiday traditions is watching “Home for the Holidays,” starring Anne Bancroft, Holly Hunter and Robert Downey, Jr. It depicts one family’s hilariously disastrous Thanksgiving weekend. Childhood rivalries rage. Latent dysfunctions emerge. Carved turkey flies. And yet with every calamity we see potential for healing, understanding and connection.

Wake-Up Call

Half-awake, I glance at the clock and feel awash in gratitude as I remember this is one of those rare mornings I get to sleep in. But at 7 a.m. on the dot, a construction crew starts a tuck-pointing operation on the building next door. It involves a crew of 10 workmen shouting instructions as they lower a clattering scaffold into position directly across from my window. Then, 15 feet from the pillow covering my head, the guy on the rigging fires up a power grinder. It sounds like a chainsaw screaming.

Don’t Miss a Blessed Moment

The story of Jesus’ visit to Mary and Martha’s home never fails to resonate. I see Martha slaving in the kitchen, muttering under her breath between passive-aggressive sighs, while Mary and Jesus chat amiably in the next room. “You are worried and upset about many things,” Jesus counsels Martha, “ but few things are needed—or indeed only one.” The response seems so unfair…somebody has to fix supper. Why should Martha get stuck with all the work?

Peace In Passion's Midst

Have you noticed conversations about politics getting more intense as Election Day approaches?  I know a family whose siblings, though having lived on different continents, have remained close for more than three decades...until this week.  Apparently, tensions are so high that a long-held tradition of gathering for Thanksgiving is being derailed.

Enlightenment's Promise

Ruth is a faithful truth student with a rich and consistent spiritual practice. She's also very health- and fitness-minded. She's an experienced, safety-conscious biker with multiple cross-country rides under her helmet. Why then, would the universe conspire to hospitalize her with a broken elbow and fractured hip incurred in a biking mishap? Is she holding something in consciousness that attracted this "opportunity for healing?"

Aperture of Abundance

Many of us are first drawn to Unity's prosperity teachings because we want more stuff. Then we start applying the teachings, and we're quickly plunged into the paradox of prosperous living: It's okay to want stuff. It's okay to have stuff. But if we make stuff the source of our happiness, we'll never amass enough to be truly happy.  It goes back to our second Unity principle...the divine is within us. Looking to outer conditions for our good never works.

Renegades Rule

It's midday on a friend's backyard deck. The skies are densely clouded and endlessly grey. Dismal would not be an inaccurate description if one were inclined to judge by first appearances. Look a little further, though, listen more carefully and miracles quickly become evident: A subtle shift in cloud formations reveals a tiny patch of blue and shafts of pale white light burst through like divine tethers connecting heaven and earth.

Pray for Dajae

By all accounts Dajae Coleman, who police believe was killed in a gang-related shooting near the high school Saturday night, was a bright and gifted 14-year-old with a promising future. For people of faith, the senselessness of such tragedy can be faith-shaking.

Popping Tops

A collection of whimsical multi-color, multi-layer columns now hangs from the ceiling at Noyes Cultural Arts Center. At first, the 20-foot towers resemble giant toys evoking playful reactions from kids and adults alike. Closer inspection reveals the pillars are comprised entirely of plastic lids and bottlecaps, except for two built from familiar amber-colored pill bottles.


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