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Prayerful Remembering

For boys born after 1959 and before 1973, being drafted to serve in the Vietnam War seemed inevitable. We grew up in a time when Walter Cronkite and the CBS Evening News were the soundtrack for suppertime. While our pre-teen understanding of worldly affairs couldn't fully grasp the significance of the grainy black-and-white images flickering nightly on the screens of console TVs, we did understand that war, uprising and assassination were not uncommon to human experience. And we knew that those events somehow affected everybody.

The Gentle & The Urgent

In the next few weeks, the 60-year-old concrete slab that is our front walkway will be transformed into a stylish and functional brick patio. It's a transformation being fueled by a vision so compelling, our community has been inspired to give the time, talent, treasure and prayer support to fulfill it.

Thank you, God, for the times in our lives when Spirit's activity moves in us that efficiently!

Become a Miracle

Nick Vujicic, the guy with no limbs who travels the world sharing his message of hope to high schools, has released a music video that's as touching as it is inspiring. It conveys how I believe divine love works in our human relationships, even when we're not cognizant of its activity.

Seek and Find

Cursing the boisterous bird that awakened me again this morning with its predawn song, it's fair to say I felt disconnected from my divine self. So here's a question I often use to shift cranky energy: "Where is God expressing in this moment?"

Subway Savvy

Riding the NYC subways for the first time I've experienced a divergent mix of feelings ranging from panic to exhilaration, confusion to confidence. Gradually though, I've begun to make sense of the complicated stew of numbers, letters, colors and street names that guide riders through the multi-dimensional maze of stairways, passages and turnstiles surely inspired by those Escher sketches of impossible structures.

Devotional Voting

The collective desire to move forward is evident even in our weather. Record hi temps have buds  bursting open overnight, adorning branches with spring's spectrum of lush green. Perhaps it's the cosmos' promise that the intensity of the current primary elections is a fruitful step in the evolving consciousness of the nation.


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