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Still Waters

Nestled in a secluded lush forested glen completely isolated from the sprawl and crowds of Cape Cod's high season, a pristine spring-fed pond -- think sandy-bottom lake not mucky green bog -- invites the few visitors who know of it to float aimlessly across its still, calming surface. My cousin calls it her own "little corner of heaven." She took me there last week, each of us outfitted with an inflatable pool chair.

Ordinary Miracles

Miracles don't just happen. They are not magic. We co-create them. Sometimes, we're able to see them forming and explain their appearance. Mostly though, the infinite power of the universe shaping the substance of our consciousness materializing in our day-to-day lives is beyond our comprehension.

Free To Trust

In Unity we say this all the time: When we’re truly aligned with Spirit, our happiness cannot be compromised because we’re free from attachment to outer conditions. But how exactly do we live that principle?

Free to Choose

Here's a spiritual exercise for demonstrating freedom in anticipation of next week's Fourth of July observance - specifically, the freedom we have to make choices that are in harmony with our divinity. Think of it as a game to help focus your power to choose the thoughts and feelings you hold, and the resulting actions you undertake.

Blow Out the Doors

Blocks can sometimes become so entrenched in consciousness that we're completely unaware of how severely our good is limited. Transformation requires an entirely different perspective, often coupled with a complete excavation of old ways. The good news: Once a shift is made, Spirit rushes to support the new consciousness in ways previously unforeseen and unimagined.

It's a Dance, Not a Tug-of-War

Unity People's Convention (this year in Detroit) is always action-packed: It's a week filled with conferences, tours, breakout sessions, workshops, speakers and concerts...all in support of realizing our shared vision to create a world that works for all. With all that high-energy activity, it' can be easy to forget that God is the source and power from which it all emerges. 

Paint Outside the Lines

Arriving in Kansas City at dusk for a week's work with ministerial students, I was greeted with a glorious sun setting in the west and a bright full moon rising in the east.  On my right, vibrant hues of pink, orange and yellow shone. On my left, restful tones of blue lavender and white glowed. It was a spectacular display of day's end occurring simultaneously with night's beginning. 

One with the Sun

Despite a liberal application of sunblock last weekend, my belly is still the same bright shade of pink as a very rare burger. I’m choosing to regard it as a reminder to pray without ceasing.

Like the sun’s rays at high noon in late-May, divine energy is more powerful than we may realize. It’s not as though the sun seeks to burn or that God metes out punishment. Both unceasingly radiate the fullness of their immense energy. Our experience of that energy is determined by how wisely we engage it.

Prayerful Remembering

For boys born after 1959 and before 1973, being drafted to serve in the Vietnam War seemed inevitable. We grew up in a time when Walter Cronkite and the CBS Evening News were the soundtrack for suppertime. While our pre-teen understanding of worldly affairs couldn't fully grasp the significance of the grainy black-and-white images flickering nightly on the screens of console TVs, we did understand that war, uprising and assassination were not uncommon to human experience. And we knew that those events somehow affected everybody.


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