Blessings of Barrenness ~ By Rev. Kurt Condra

I'm lamenting the brown-grey barrenness of these early December days, longing for the stark beauty of new-fallen snow.


It’s a predictable response to barrenness, I think. Whether prompted by the departure of a loved one, a time-consuming project completed, or a financial loss from circumstances beyond our control, our first inclination toward barrenness is often to wish it away.


And yet, great spiritual teachers insist a powerful component of spiritual growth entails being fully conscious of the present. Ekhart Tolle extols the power of now. Thich Nhat Hanh teaches the value of mindfulness. Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore said every breath we draw releases an all-potent energy that shapes our lives.


And so embracing bareness, in our climate and in our lives, is necessary and worthwhile. As we "wait upon the Lord," trusting that good is unfolding, we are drawn into a deeper experience of it. Like a curtain gently pulled aside, the blessings of barrenness are revealed and we are filled with the awareness that all is well.


Blessed be the barrenness. Through it, we are freed; we are fulfilled.