Blessing Buffet

Tapping the universe’s abundance is like feasting at a gourmet buffet: Parking one’s backside at a table expecting each course to be magically delivered is a setup for dashed expectations. To partake of the bounty, we have to get up and help ourselves.

That’s how spiritual law works. God, source of all good, provides everything needed for a joyful, fulfilled life. To partake of that limitless supply, we have to help ourselves by raising the vibration of our consciousness to the level of our desired good. It’s simple, really: Consistently hold divine ideas in mind.  I’ll grant you, it’s not necessarily easy. Dwelling in kingdom-of-heaven consciousness in the midst of everyday drama takes vigilance. Maintaining it in the throes of trauma or crisis can be even more challenging.

So here’s a shortcut for raising the caliber of your consciousness: If you’re noticing what’s wrong or missing, be aware your backside’s parked at the table of limits and negativity.  To get up and get moving, try shifting focus to what is right or possible. Posing the question, “Where is God in this moment?” can be a helpful starting point, because, of course, God is always and everywhere present, especially within. Which begs another question, one that blesses all involved every time. Next ask, “How can I allow more of God to express as me right now.”

The answer might be as simple as yielding to the other driver, or holding the door for a package-laden shopper. It might be as profound as forgiving a painful transgression or lovingly enforcing a healthy boundary. After all, responding to life from our God-self, is partaking from a buffet of infinite blessings magnified and returned in greater measure.

Bon apatite!
Rev. Kurt