The Biggest Splash Wins!

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
Your thoughts, words and deeds have far greater impact on collective human consciousness than you may realize.
Like a pebble in a pond, a small shift in perception ripples out exponentially. The tricky part is that rippling happens regardless of whether the stone is cast for good or ill. Condemn something as wrong or bad and the energy of condemnation tends to expand. Meet it with non-resistance, and the energies of peace and serenity ripple out to the universe.
Granted, negative ripples born of fear and outrage can seem to dominate, especially these days. But negative ripples are akin belly flops: They attract lots of attention and they're painful (even to watch). But in terms of displacing water, cannonball dives are far more powerful. (Check out the physics in this high-speed photo series.) A solid cannonball dive takes focus, discipline and practice, as does cultivating acceptance and understanding in tense times.
As we embrace that work, those of us pursuing spiritual awakening are called to transform pain and suffering far beyond our own. We're called to do the sacred work of creating a world that works all.