Be Grateful for What's Ordinary

By Rev. Kurt Condra 
Miracles don’t just happen. We co-create them. Sometimes, we see them form and can explain their appearance. Mostly though, we don't notice the infinite power of the universe shaping the substance of our consciousness into materiality.
So here’s the deal: To experience more miracles in your life, recognize the ordinary ones all around you: Take note of the joy of a funny story; the vastness of sky; the synchronicity of a helpful referral; the connection of a shared experience.
Just the awareness of a blessing usually inspires a feeling of gratitude. Claim the miracle and give thanks. (Doesn’t have to be eloquent. “Thank you, God,” works fine.) Then get moving. Share it with others. Tell the joke to someone. Use your camera phone to send a photo. Share your wisdom. Open your heart to another.
If you’re willing to engage with gratitude, the universe will respond. Your good will multiply.