6 Words Is All You Need To Transform Thoughts of Lack

By Rev. Kurt Condra  
All day it's felt like the clock has ruled me, rather then me mastering my day. Reminds me how easily scarcity thinking slips into the spaces where my prosperity consciousness isn't fully solidified. 
I built last Sunday's lesson on a powerful prayer treatment to fill such gaps. It's a mudra (basically a prayer with hand gestures) consisting of three short, easily remembered lines to dissipate lack thoughts and center one's thinking and feeling in truth. Ready. Go!
"I Am," placing hand over heart to call forth our divine identity.
"I Have," with same hand, like you're plucking an apple from tree, to focus on what is, rather than what's missing.
"I Bless," turning palm outward like you're pushing light and love into the infinite flow of good.
(Shout-out to Rev. Jim Rosemergy. The prayer's in his book, "Even Mystics Have to Pay Bills.")