10 days 'til Christmas. Feeling jolly?

By Rev. Kurt Condra 

Feeling joyful? If not, it's totally understandable: Meteorologists are forecasting more tornados like the ones that have Kentucky reeling. And like the Grinch stealing Christmas, COVID has infiltrated our lives for the second year running.

But here's the deeper truth: Beyond earthly conditions, the divine is waiting to be recognized, to be heard, to be born. Usually, and especially this year, worldly circumstances undermine our experience of love's presence. But like Mary and Joseph, if we forge ahead; if we keep our focus on what's truly important, we can appreciate the glorious harmony of God’s love expressing in all things.

The question is, “How?” 

My suggestion: Be willing to hold your expectations lightly. Open your mind and heart to the possibility for something greater to be born. It’s how Mary’s soul magnified the Lord even when she knew unwed pregnancies were culturally devastating. It’s how Joseph summoned the strength and faith to heed angelic guidance even after he had decided to “dismiss her quietly.”

Look for Christ’s love being born, even in the scariest of circumstances. Look with a quiet mind and peaceful, open heart. For you are a shepherd with eyes to see. You are the Magi with faith to follow. You are the Christ child with light to shine. The Christmas story is your story and mine, and we’re called to live it fully.